Reader Expanders

CTA 02

Reader Expander

  • Universal module for either connection of several readers to single processing unit’s port or data format conversion.
  • Any 2 readers can be connected to inputs of the module, the ouptut will then provide data in ACS-line formats or for processing in computer via either USB or COM port
  • Module is also capable of serving as router on long lines and thus expand the distance between processing unit and readers.
Product Code Description
CTA02 Expander for ACS-line readers, RS232/USB interface
CTA02W Expander for WIEAGAND readers, RS232/USB interface


Input and output data format can be customized on-demand.

CTA 02 - datasheet in PDF format




  • Expansion module for either processing units or attendance terminals
  • Expands the number of inputs and outputs and thus simplifies control
  • Up to 4 ER80 modules can be connected to each supervising unit expanding the number of input ports and output relays to 32 of each
  • Ports can be programmed separately and assigned logical functions
Product Code Description
ER80 Expnader for connecting to master unit (eg.: AL, RT, KT, FT)
ER81 I/O Module with RS232/RS485 interface, autonomous operation,
management through PC
ER81-TCP I/O Module with ETHERNET interface, autonomous operation, 
management through PC



  • 8x universal relay
  • 8x universal input
  • Indication diodes
  • Connection for tamper contact
  • Board stacking possibility
  • PC communication also possible
  • Wiring connection is included

Typical usage of the module is to control lifts or lockers.

ER 80 - datasheet in PDF format


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