System's specification

ACS-line system is a complete solution made up by both hardware and software components to accommodate various activities. Individual systems cooperate including data sharing. In most of the solutions, it is possible to connect them directly to business' information system, which would then merge the collected data with other agenda. It is also possible to employ partial solutions with later upgrade possibility.

System description

Module architecture

ACS-line system is designed as modular puzzle. For each solution, optimal configuration of the systems can be adjusted to individual needs. This unique design offers the users the possibility of maximum comfort for minimum purchase costs. Future upgrades are equally easy, as all they take is a purchase of other necessary modules. There are also packages compiled to accommodate the needs of smaller customers.

Operation principles

  • Variety of efficient hardware components – terminals, control units and readers are collecting data from identification media.
  • Data are transfered into database and units are carrying out operations according to adjusted access rights.
  • Program equipment for management and evaluation of data in ACS-line system offers fast and transparent results.
  • The software gets installed in the server together with central database.
  • From this point, all the data is available to other users, who can work with it according to their respective access rights.

The same ID medium can be used for various actions:

  • Time recording
  • Food ordering
  • Production records
  • Access control
  • Lift kontrol
  • etc.

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