Hotel System

ACS-line Hotel System covers all the requirements for complete stay of a guest in a hotel or pension and takes care of effective and comfortable hotel operation.

Each guest receives electronic hotel card upon arrival, instead of classic hotel key. This card authorizes and monitors movement of the guest within the hotel and his or her usage of various services. All the information about card usage are processed by the service software and guest's hotel account is accordingly billed. All the permissions of the guest are of course tied with guest's stay in the hotel. If, for example, the guest doesn't return his or her card at the check-out, it is rendered unusable at the check-out moment.

A single card allows

  • Entrance to the room
  • Control od electric devices in individual room
  • Elevator operating
  • Access to other places and facilities (parking, wellness, sports, etc.)
  • Payment in hotel bars and restaurants
  • Usage of other hotel services (equipment rentals, skipasses, etc.)

Final accounting of the card will then provide quick and transparent information about all the consumed services and billing of the guest.

Electronic hotel system provides

  • Total accounting of all the services in one bill at the point of guest's departure
  • Reservations and planning of the capacities' effectiveness
  • Protection of hotel rooms and other spaces from unauthorized access
  • Energy savings based on room occupancy
  • Employee attendance records

Card is hotel's visit card

Hotel cards are equipped with full color printing, for example with logo, address and picture of the enterprise, serving as a promotion and information card of the accommodation operation. Pools and wellness operations use "wrist watch" instead of cards.


Product code Description
RECEPTION-DESK Basic Reception-desk Software, according to number of beds
CASH REGISTER Cash Register SW, according to number of places
PDA SW application for PDA, mobile waiter
KITCHEN SW module of kitchen facilities
STORE SW module of stock holding


Hotel system work principle

  • Primary function of hotel access system is to accommodate controlled guests' entry in the rooms.
  • Permissions to enter one or more rooms including concerning facilities (main entrance, wellness) are assigned to particular hotel card.
  • Possibility to control electric equipment based on guest's presence is indeed also included.
  • Personnel of the hotel are granted access into other facilities (cleaning closets, warehouses).
  • The permissions are assigned automatically upon guest's check-in to his or her particular room.
  • Each place, where hotel card usage is to be recorded is equipped with card reader, which scans the card.
  • Based on permissions, entry is allowed and event is logged.
  • All the information about card usage are transferred into central database and stored in order to issue the total account balance.
  • The account can also be billed for phone calls or payments carried out by the card in hotel restaurant.
  • Reception-desk software is also designed in a modular way and its extent can be freely customized to the needs of particular operation.
  • Software modules can be used separately or in an complex cooperating system.
  • Communication with readers happens ON-LINE.
  • This way, the reception-desk can realize e.g. forceful entry into the room.
  • System can also be interconnected with attendance system in order to control the employees.

Hotel system scheme


  • Several other components can be added into the system to better meet the requirements of this field.
  • This include most of all cashier terminals for restaurants and bars or PDA units for portable billing.
  • Also, barcode scanners, bill printers and other hardware can be added to the system.
  • By interconnection with other systems, one can further expand the possibilities, such as room heating based on occupancy, cooperation with EZS or EPS, lift control, etc.

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