• Electrical doorlocks (openers) block doorway entry points in access system platform
  • Doorlocks are installed directly into doorframe or door leaf
  • Any electronic unit can control the lock (access point reader, phone handle) or simple button control
  • Locks are supplied for 12V or 24V DC/AC voltages. Straight or edge install bars in various colors are available for each type
Product Code Description
OC30102B, E Standard Electric Opener (B), low-power (E)
OC34102E Reverse Electric Opener, low-power
OCx6541M Higher Strength Electric Opener, 1,000 kg, state of the door signalization
SE00249/1 Electric Opener with state of the door signalization, low-power
41N FLEX Electric Opener fo narrow profile, 16.5 mm
ME400 Electromagnet for door blocking
SZEP Box Electric Lock (lockers, cabinets)
SZ Electromechanical Lock, including safety fittings


Basic types of door openers. Complete range can be found in a separate catalogue.

Doorlocks - datasheet in PDF format


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