Attendance System

Attendance System

ACS-line Attendance System for recording and evaluation of attendance, preparing data for wage processing and monitoring the workplace attendance during worktime. Sophisticated to the maximum and constantly improved thanks to long time experience a always in accordance with current legislation.


  • Data browsing according to the authorization
  • Editing, corrections, approving
  • Many print templates
  • Creating of graphical outputs, including report editor
  • Exporting in any format for pay accounting purposes
  • Web interface

The system offers broad possibilities for customized setting

  • Any model of work time for each of the employees, user-defined calendars and schedules
  • Various options for setting, transferring and approval of work time and extra-hours and bonus processing
  • Visitor's evidence system
  • Absence and capacity planning
  • Central management of company branches


Product code Description
ADS25 Attendance and Access SW, max. 25 employees, local installation
ADS50 Attendance and Access SW, max. 50 employees, local installation
ADS25_SQL Attendance and Access SW, max. 25 employees, SQL network installation
ADS50_SQL Attendance and Access SW, max. 50 employees, SQL network installation
ADS100_SQL Attendance and Access SW, max. 100 employees, SQL network installation
ADS+100 Software license expansion, next more 100 employees
No limits for number of employees in system



Product code Description
NET5 Network extension – for 5 PC (5 simultaneously working clients)
NET5+ Network extension – for unlimited number of clients
FINGER Module for biometric template administration
(necessary for all fingerprint systems)
BRANCH For each detached working place


Software is fully localized for Czech, Slovak, German and Polish languages, including monitoring of each country's legislation.

Work principle of the attendance system

  • Data reading is carried out at record terminals via ID media of the employees.
  • Record terminals are located at key places throughout the object, at the main entrances and workplace entry points, where the recording of arrivals and departs as well as optional worktime breaks is carried out.
  • For each operation, the way of processing can be assigned (way of recording, automatic termination or repetition, rounding, etc.)
  • The data of passage, inclusive exact date and time, are stored in the terminal and transferred to the computer, where it is processed and evaluated.
  • Result evaluation is carried out in monthly periods, or in any other given period of time.
  • Processed attendance sheet can be edited based on access rights and confirmed in several layers.
  • Many pre-set printout layouts are also available for printing or screen viewing, just as well as many export formats for wage and HR systems.
  • Attendance system can also be used as access system to open doors, turnstiles or bars based on access rights.

Attendance systeme scheme

ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE can be extended by other modules, which make work with it easier and more flexible:



  • "Light client", allowing to access and monitor attendance via internet browser.


  • Record keeping and control of movements of visitors, including vehicles.
  • Option to make use of personal documents reader.


  • Smooth and transparent planning of workshifts, holidays, etc. in well arranged graphical interface.


  • Used to execute scheduled tasks automatically.
  • Works in a background as a system service.


  • Software to be used in company's branches within a single license, connected via VPN or database replication.

Module EMAIL

  • Attendance fulfillment control. In case of coming or not coming within a time limit, an e-mail is sent automatically, informing about the event.

Module PDA

  • Application for mobile attendance terminals based on portable computer (PDA) or PC with touchscreen control.


  • Cooperation with both wage and HR management systems. ACS-line is capable of importing information about employees and export processed attendance data.


  • Cooperation with GPS system of vehicle monitoring to create records of official travels.

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