Electromechanical turnstiles and gates are used as a component of attendance and access systems to accommodate controlled person movement. Installed in factory gatehouses, premises entrances or sporting facilities (pools, stadiums, etc.), turnstiles either provide and direct the passage of each individual, or serve as a security elements to deny access.

The function depends on configuration. At the same time, each person's passage is logged using the ID media, providing for collection of complete attendance data.

Turnstiles are controlled via output relays of attendance terminals or access units. This page shows basic options and types of turnstiles and other mechanical security facilities. Mechanical finishing just as well as color is manufactured based on customer's order.

Further information to be found in separate catalogue.


  • One or bi-directional modes available
  • Robust construction
  • Finish: stainless steel and/or komaxit (RAL)
  • Arms always of stainless
  • Anti-panic function optional
  • Both optical and sound signalization of free passage
  • Signaling of allowed passage direction
  • Equipable with card eater box
  • Possibility to connect coin storage and/or readers for ticket systems.
  • All EU certification

Turnstiles are manufactured in various construction, depending on usage. E.g. full size turnstiles serve to ensure entry without security personnel. Electromechanical gates allow entry for visitors or barrier-less entry. We also supply various types of entry gateway control, including gateway manufacturing, and bars for parking entry.

Various types of mechanical accessories to limit the controlled area are also available. These include various types of railings, fillings and anchoring components, manufactured in either standard proportions or customized to particular situation. Materials: stainless steel, komaxit or safety glass.

Turnstiles - datasheet in PDF format



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Published date: Apr 9, 2010

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