Power Supplies

  • Intended to supply power to all the ACS-line system components
  • Internal backup accumulator (sold separately) provides for uninterrupted system functioning in the power fail situation
  • The power supply automatically manages the recharging of the accumulator
  • Backup energy time is dependant on both capacity of the supply and number of connected devices
  • Supplies are designed to guarantee reliable functioning of the ACS-line system as well as any other use
Product Code Description
POW12-1,2 Backed-up Power Supply 12V-1,2 A  
recommended battery 12V/1,3 Ah
POW12-1,7 Backed-up Power Supply 12V-1,7 A  
recommended battery 12V/7,5 Ah
POW12-3 NEW product !
intelligent Backed-up Power Supply 12V-3 A 
recommended battery 12V/7-18 Ah
POW12-6 Backed-up Power Supply 12V-6 A  
recommended battery 12V/18 Ah
TP1213 Maintenance-free Accumulator 12V/1,3 Ah
TP1275 Maintenance-free Accumulator 12V/7,,5 Ah
TP1275 Maintenance-free Accumulator 12V/18 Ah
OBZ01 Accessory for power supplies, the battery status checking, remote
monitoring, system shut-down in conjunction with EPS


Other Power Supply Elements

  • For simple applications or such ones, where no backup is needed, simple power supplies with output voltage 12V and required current capacity can be used.
Product Code Description
SZ12-4 Power Adapter 12V/200 mA
SYS1196 Power Adapter 12V/500 mA, switched
SYS1308 Power Adapter 12V/2 A, switched
SYS1183 Power Adapter 12V/5,4 A, switched
RM201 Hub Module to RACK for terminals power supply via ETHERNET
NOC-RS232 Reduction RJ45 - CANON 9 for power supply connection



  • Input power supply 230V AC
  • Output 13.8V DC
  • Indication diodes
  • Surge and short circuit protection
  • Automatic charging of the accumulator
  • Tamper contact in cover
  • Possibly equipable with OBZ01 module

Power Supplies - datasheet in PDF format

Power Supplies - datasheet in PDF format



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