Extension Modules

  • Additional modules are aimed to be installed into dedicated slot in attendance terminals or access point units to expand their possibilities in special applications
  • Only one extension module can be installed into each terminal. Modules OTX and OEZS cannot be combined with ER80 connection
Product Code Description
OEZS1 Extension Module to connect EZS via WIEGAND interface. Used to transfer card code into EZS central, where action along set access rights are executed. E.g., Upon first emplyee´s arrival, the facility is de-securitized. The central must be equipped with WIEGAND reader connection port.
OTX1 Extension Module for data output via RS232C interface. This module can send data about particular ID medium and person´s name for further processing. Typical usage: For internal camera system, whereit automatically feeds the subtitler the name of passing person. Such person´s name is then displayed and recorded to the tape.
OCAM Extension Module for Attendance Terminals for recording of identified person. This module uses a camera to watch identified person and stores the data in the database for later checking. ON-LINE monitoring via web browser is also available.
UPORT Extension Module for OFF-LINE USB flash communication. The usage is intended to be in remote facilities, where the attendance has to be recorded without PC. The data from the terminal are stored to the USB flashdisk and later loaded into attendance program running on any available computer.
WPORT Extension Module for communication via Wi-Fi. Complete module incl. AP-linking antenna for connection to any Wi-Fi AP. Further communication is carried out as if the device was connected via standard TCP protocol.


Modules For Special And Custom Applications

Product Code Description
RDM2 Random employee control generator. The module gets installed between terminla and turnstile and based on pre-set settings, randomly chosen percentage of employees is selected for control.
GSM Extension module capable of sending SMS to chosen phone numbers. (The module sends a SMS if the pupil doesn´t come to school, for example).



  • Additional devices for ACS-line systems
  • Devices to work with barcodes mainly in either catering or stock management applications or in data collection systems
  • Available according to actual offer.

Extension Modules - datasheet in PDF format


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