Access Control

Access Control

ACS-line Access Control System is intended for facilities and spaces, where the necessity arises to limit entry of unauthorized personnel, or disallow their access to specified facility parts. Access System allows not only personnel or vehicles movement management, but their real-time monitoring with the possibility to display graphical map of the facility. Electronic Access System thus serves as a substitution for universal key systems.

The system offers broad possibilities

  • Each ID media can be equipped with different authorization for the access
  • All of the events are stored in the system, including attempts of unauthorized access
  • ON-LINE real-time monitoring and control of restricted areas can be carried out
  • With graphical plug-in
  • Such plug-in can also be used to monitor and signalize the status
  • Of controlled entrance points (forced access, "unlocked", "unshut", etc.)
  • Interconnection with EZS, EPS systems
  • Special solutions for schools, condominiums, parking lots, sporting facilities


  • Lift control with access rights for individual floors
  • Access to paid sporting facilities (tennis courts, saunas, etc.)
  • Locker control (fitness centers, pools, etc.)
  • Hotel rooms with reception-desk software link
  • Company bus transport recording

Access system can be set on independently or as a part of attendance system, which is capable of allowing the personnel to enter based on either acknowledgment of presence or scheduled work time. All the access software functions are always included in attendance software. For such installations where attendance software is already installed, there is no need to purchase any additional licenses for access functions.


Product code Description
pADS100 Access Software, max. 100 cards, local installation
pADS100_SQL Access Software, max. 100 cards, SQL network installation
ADS+100 Software license expansion, next more 100 cards
No limits for number of cards in system



Product code Description
NET5 Network extension – for 5 PC (5 simultaneously working clients)
NET5+ Network extension – for unlimited number of clients
FINGER Module for biometric template administration
(necessary for all fingerprint systems)


Access control system working principle

  • Entry points are equipped with readers and electromechanic devices for blocking them (electric locks, bars, turnstiles, etc.).
  • The actual control of these devices is carried out via outputs provided by all the access and attendance units of ACS-line system.
  • De-blocking the entry point happens based on access right evaluation carried out by service software.
  • The entry points can be controlled one-way or both ways, depending of operation requirements.
  • The door readers allow for door opened/shut status monitoring as well.
  • All the information about system events are transferred into computer database, where it is monitored and processed by access software.
  • Outputs thereof are overviews of who, where and for how long entered.
  • ON-LINE monitoring, individual entry points passage frequency and log of each person passages can be monitored real-time.
  • The system also records and displays all operation data about unauthorized passages, particular door status, etc.

Access control scheme

Extending SW module AMO - ACCESS CONTROL

  • Attendance and access system can be upgraded with module allowing graphically display and monitor opened/shut status of doors, bars, gates, sound alarms,...
  • The object security personnel can watch the status of individual entry points throughout the facility.
  • Depending on used hardware, such monitoring can possibly be carried out in ON-LINE mode, as the system makes immediate detection of unauthorized door opening possible as well as remotely control the door.

Standard features of AMO module include

  • Graphical display of object floorplan (own image)
  • Several different images and easy changing thereof (e.g. separate floors)
  • Displaying of particular devices in the image (terminals, doors, alarms)
  • Alarm display option
  • Separate text can be assigned to each type of alarm (e.g. "Warehouse door is open!")
  • „ON-LINE" display (graphical display of doors being opened and shut)

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