Data Converters

  • Data converters play a very important role in ACS-line system
  • They accommodate system bus signal transfer to standard computer interface signals, allowing ACS-line system modules, which operate on RS485 bus, to be connected directly to the computer or computer network to accommodate data transfer and processing
  • If only 1 device is connected over the distance of less than 15 m, there is no need to use a data converter, as the device can be connected to COM port of the computer
Product Code Description
DL232 Converter RS485 - RS232, with CANON 9 cable
DU485 Converter RS485 - USB, including cable and driver for WINDOWS
DH485 Converter RS485 – ETHERNET


TIP: Any TCP interface device can be also used as DH485 data converter. Such a device is always connected to LAN and other modules can be connected to its internal RS485 port, just like to data converter DH485.

Data Converters - datasheet in PDF format


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