Possibilities of identification

Each user of the system is equipped with an ID medium, which defines his or her identity uniquely. It is an code information medium, with the information being read by the reader. Subsequently, the user is identified and allowed access to carry out operations according to set access rights, e.g. record of passage, door opening, etc.


Contact media, used in ACS-line system, are DALLAS chips, metal components placed in durable plastic holders. The chip must be placed to the reader head of the reader in order to allow for conductive connection of metal parts (as short connections as 200 ms are sufficient).

  • High resistance against mechanical damage, cold, moist and grease
  • Good utilization mostly in industrial operations
  • Include plastic holder to be attached on keystraps etc.
  • Varying color modifications of plastic holder

The most common form of contactless transponders are cards (ISO - size of a credit card) with optional prints. Contactless media are available also as tags, bracelets, stickers, etc. The reading is carried out by approaching the medium to the reader within reading distance (commonly 10-15 cm for cards, tags a little shorter).

  • No contact with reader needed to identify
  • Cards and tags can be combined within one installation
  • Card faces can be printed upon – company logo and/or photograph are the most common applications allowing the media to be used as ID card
  • Contactless tags are manufactured of durable plastics with keyring hole
Biometric identification

Biometric identification is a modern and progressive way of person identification and defense against unauthorized entry. The principle of is the scanning and comparison of identified person's fingerprint. Uniqueness of the fingerprint guarantees uniqueness and mistake-free identification.

  • Users do not need any more media
  • Can be combined with PIN entry for higher safety level
  • Speed of scan and evaluation of the fingerprint - < 1s
  • Fingerprint pattern management is fully integrated in service software

ACS-line system offers widest variety of identification means.

It is also possible to use current media used within the organization to other tasks.

Identification media - more information.

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