Electronic Identification System ACS-line is a modern and powerful tool for electronic collection and processing of operational data. Complex system or parts of it cover the needs of enterprises and institutions of all sizes and fields of operation. ACS-line System uses the most advanced technologies for identification of persons, products and raw materials, allowing maximum automation and effective management of human resources.

SINCE 1996

We have been developing this smart system, constantly advancing and developing it based on long-term experience and current needs of customers since 1996. Usage of modern technology in the process of system construction guarantees flawless operation and broad range of possibilities. Main focus of the ACS-line system is given to high technological advancement, openness for further extension and reasonable price.

It grows with you

The broad range of system components provides for creation of customized solutions according to current needs, with maximized capability of further development in mind. Many years-long users of ACS-line systems are gradually broadening the volume and fields of their operations and ACS-line system offers them almost unlimited possibilities to cover newly identified requirements.

Where is it headed

The development team's goal is to broaden the range of deployment possibilities and to offer as complex services in the field of ID technology as possible. Another goal is further broadening of current integration into enterprise systems (SAP, Elanor Global, Navision, Helios etc.) and interconnection with Building Automation Systems. The main idea of the system has always been to come up with new solutions and thus set up the trends in the identification systems. This strategy leads to further strengthening of the status of the most complex system for person identification and leading position in the market.

By the ACS-line system implementation you obtain

  • Unifying data from various resources into single agenda
  • Maximum effectiveness in collecting and processing of data
  • Decrease in error rate and higher accuracy of results
  • Fast and detailed outputs with the possibility of export into pay processing and infomation systems
  • Outputs are always in compliance with valid legislation
  • Protection of assets from unauthorized manipulation
  • Effective usage of worktime
  • Work attitude improvement

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