Identification media


Product Code Description
ID_KEY Contact Chip DALLAS DS1990A-F5, including plastic key holder
ID_KEY_F3 Contact Chip DALLAS DS1990A-F3, including plastic key holder
ID_CARD Contactless Card EM4102 - 125 KHz, ISO, 0.8 mm, white
ID_CARD_II Contactless Card EM4102 - 125 KHz, 2 mm, white, hole for attachment
ID_KEYFOB Contactless Tag EM4102 - 125 KHz, various colors and shapes
ID_WRB Contactless Bracelet for pools and saunas, various colors and types
ID_LABEL Contactless Identifier - adhesive foil, various proportions
ID_ABS_LOG Contactless Tag for guard systems, wall mounting


Other and special types

Various shapes and types of contactless ID media can be supplied, equipped with any chip for 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz frequencies, various colors, printing possibilities and e.g. epoxide tags with company logo.


Accessories are available for the ID media to provide easier and/or safer manipulation. These include various sleeves with clip or hole to fit the rope, necklaces with possibility of company-print on it or rollers.

Card Customization

Suitable card usage expansion is their upgrade to personal pass or company label tag. ID cards are supplied white, without print only with number to differentiate cards. Each card can, however be printed with company logo and information or even employee’s picture. The print can also be done via stickers, allowing the card to be used for another employee.

Card Printing Facility

For larger installations, the full equipment for setting up and operating of card printing facility is supplied. In other cases,  printing is provided as part of delivery and later as external service to manufacture new cards. Ask for complete offer incl. graphical design.

Identification media - datasheet in PDF format



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