Mobile terminal

  • Portable PDA terminal, equipped with card reader, serves to record attendance and personnel monitoring in large facilities and campuses
  • Vehicle yards and detached security posts are typical examples of such
  • It is also valuable in such places, where installation of classic terminal is impossible
  • Unit is controlled by the touchscreen display and running application providing ON-LINE link to the system
  • Battery operation and OFF-LINE operation modes accommodate for broad spectrum of field data collection uses

Optionally usable in hotel system as “mobile waiter”.

Product Code Description
PDA Mobile PDA Terminal with CF or SD slot, according to actual offer
CF READER Contactless Reader for CF slot
SD READER Contactless Reader for SD slot
SW_PDA Software application for connecting to central database of attendance system



  • Graphical touch screen display with 4” or more
  • 600 MHz or higher CPU
  • 32+ MB RAM
  • Internal flash memory stored applications
  • OS Windows
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to the database
  • Charging power adapter
  • CF or SD slot connected ID reader
  • Both ON-LINE and OFF-LINE operation

PDA - datasheet in PDF format


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