Attendance terminal

  • Comfort terminal with color graphical display
  • It is used among others, to record the attendance or collect the data in production facilities
  • The display can be user configured (own logo, text)
  • Universally manufactured membrane keypad allows to input user-defined descriptions of the keys to quick-select the desired operation
  • Terminal is capable of displaying up to 5 individual data concerning the particular card
  • Internal relay can be installed to control internal doorlocks
Product Code Description
KT700B-TCP Contactless Attendance Terminal, ETHERNET interface
RS232/RS485 ports for other peripheries connection
KT700W-TCP Attendance Terminal for any readers connection, ETHERNET interface 
RS232/RS485 ports for other peripheries connection
KT700T-TCP Contactless Collection Terminal for Order Management, ETHERNET 
interface, RS232/RS485 ports for bar code reader or printer connection


Specific modules for Wi-Fi and/or portable USB flashdisk communication are available.


  • Color TFT display, 320 x 240 dots
  • Display layout customization possibility
  • Graphical symbols for operations
  • Worktime information
  • Displaying with up to 5 individual data (balance, extra hours, etc.)
  • Membrane keypad with 8 + 15 universal buttons
  • Integrated ID reader
  • Second ID reader connection port
  • PIN-entry option
  • Beeper
  • 2 relays for doorlock control
  • 2 input lines for door contact
  • Universal PGM output
  • Line-out for EZS control
  • OFF-LINE event log

KT600 - datasheet in PDF format


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