Touchscreen terminal

Modern terminals, based on PC architecture and equipped with card reader

  • Touchscreen display provides broad range of possibilities in user interface creation and simplifies control to touching the function icon on the screen
  • Yet another advantage of these devices is the possibility to run several applications and switch between them
  • The attendance and catering systems are typical implementations, as these need to monitor attendance and order meals using one device for maximum user comfort

Touchscreen terminals will find their use also in Smart House Systems – as central controlling and visualizing unit.

Product Code Description
GT800 Attendance PC Terminal with inside contactless reader, ETHERNET 
CPU 300/400 MHz, display 5,7", Flash or SD memory for aplication
GT810 Catering PC Terminal with inside contactless reader, ETHERNET 
CPU 300/400 MHz, display 5,7", Flash or SD memory for aplication
GT830 Attendance and Catering PC Terminal, combination GT800+GT810
PC-TOUCH Compact PC Touch Terminal with card reader, wall-mounting holder
Display 15"-17", CPU/RAM according to actual offer, HDD
Used in the catering systems for food order and access to INTRANET,
as a cashier terminal with various possibilities of POS equipment connection


PC-TOUCH terminal is supplied with installed operation system only. Other needed applications are necessary to be ordered separately.


  • Graphical touch screen display 5,7“ – 17“
  • 400 MHz – 1 GHz CPU
  • Application stored on either SD card or HDD
  • User-defined design option (GT800)
  • OS Windows
  • Several applications possibility (attendance, meal ordering)
  • Integrated ID reader
  • Many ports for peripherals connection
  • Wall-mounting
  • ON-LINE operation

GT800 - datasheet in PDF format

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