EHS - Energy saver

Energy Saver

  • Energy saver is a device, which allows action execution by entering the card into the slot.
  • Such action is then maintained during the time the card is entered in the device
  • The saver is equipped with card reader and thus cannot be fooled by entering a piece of cardboard, for example
  • Typical uses include hotel rooms, where the on status of electric devices is allowed only in presence of the guest, or to control the lights in meeting room based on number of personnel in it
  • The saver always works with processing unit, such as AL40 and is mounted onto installation frame KU68
Product Code Description
EHS2 Energy Saver with contact and light indication
EHS2B Energy Saver with card reader
EHS3 Energy Saver with contact, for ABB covering
EHS3B Energy Saver with card reader, for ABB covering


EHS - datasheet in PDF format


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